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Emerald gemstones

Emerald gemstones Emeralds are said to be mineral compounds that is combining silicate of aluminum and beryllium. Their color is either light or deep green. It is very difficult to find a flawless, emerald which is leading to very high prices for this type of gemstone. The best quality of emeralds which are found in Colombia , the fine emeralds which are also found in the different countries in which the first one is Zambia , the second one is Brazil , the third one is Madagascar , the fourth one is Pakistan , the fifth one is India , the sixth one is Afghanistan and the sixth one is Russia . On the International market Zambian and Brazilian emeralds that are considered nearly as high quality which is as the form of Columbian.

Effect of emerald gemstones

Effect of emerald gemstones Emerald is an astrological gemstone of Mercury or in other words, we can also say that Budh Graha is known as Vedic literacture. Emerald is a mineral gemstone and which has hardness of 7-5-8 which is on the Mohr's scale. It has a specific gravity of the range of 2.76 and which is primarily known for its green luster. It is known as in the different ways in which the first one is Markata in Sanskrit, the second one is Panna in Hindi, the third one is Emerald in English, the fourth one is Jamrood in Urdu etc. the effect of emerald gemstone belong to Beryl family of minerals and one who has the chemical formula of BE3Al2 (Sio3)6.the Green color in emerald which is by face amounts of chromium and sometimes Vanadium.

Emerald gemstones astrologer

Emerald gemstones astrologer Emerald is that type of astrologer which is not an auspicious gemstone for his ascendant that is ruled by the different planets in which the first one is Mercury, the second one is Venus, the third one is Earth, the fourth one is Mars, the fifth one is Jupiter, the sixth one is Saturn, the seventh one is Uranus etc. Emerald gemstones which should be considered when the major period or in other words, we can also say that the sub period of Mercury which is operating in an individual's life or life phenomena.

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